Tea Time!

Bulk teas — also known as loose leaf or whole leaf teas — offer the best flavor and value. Whole tea leaves retain components of Camilla sinensis that are diminished with the chopping, grinding and sifting that prepares tea for tea bags. Loose-leaf teas unfurl while steeping and release their maximum aroma, taste and goodness — giving you a complete tea experience

Once a month, we place an order for ORGANIC SPICES and TEAS. We’ve put together a basic price list of what is available. All teas listed are ORGANIC and price INCLUDES TAX.

grateful plains organic tea

Loose Organic tea is now available to order once a month through Grateful Plains Organics in Grand Ridge

Chai Tea 1lb $31.30
Earl Grey 1lb $30.90
Forever Fruit 1lb $27.00
Darjeeling 1lb $50.00
Indian Green Tea 1lb $33.00
Lemon Ginger 1lb $33.50
Luscious Licorice 1lb $32.00
Rooibos 1lb $21.90
White Peony 1lb $38.50


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