Bulk Orders

YES! we are so excited to be ordering bulk items through United Natural Foods.  Get all your baking items for the holidays! We can order organic flours, sugars, oils, and snacks too!  Pricing shown below is if it is the only item ordered for that month. Our pricing is granted based on our order size and frequency, so the more we order, the more we benefit (up to 25% OFF!!)

On our initial order, some items include Rudys Nut and Oat Bread, $5.75 a loaf, Nutiva coconut oil $13.00, Annie’s homegrown Mac and Cheese $5.50, and  Hubert’s Blackberry Lemonade $2.00. Contact us right away if you need any grocery items.

We are getting our next delivery in on NOVEMBER 13th, so get your orders to us by THURSDAY NOVEMBER 8th! As our volume increases, we will pass our savings on to you!! so check back often for updated pricing and current Specials


10 lb cha-cha-chia Organic Chunks of Energy $90

2 lb Organic Dark Roast coffee $25

9 oz. organic chocolate chips (bittersweet 65% cacao -OR- regular 42% cacao) $7.50

10 lb Organic Dark Choc Chips Allergen Free  (vegan, dairy free, gluten free) $91

4 oz Organic Baking Bar (semi-sweet or unsweetened) $6.25

25 lb organic dark chocolate chips $300

25# Unbleached White Organic Flour  $36

50# Unbleached White Organic Flour $67

48 oz. (3 lb) Organic Florida Crystals sugar cane (jug) $5.25

2 lb bag Organic Florida Crystals sugar cane $3.75

11lb Organic Crystalized Ginger $95

1 lb organic ground Ginger Root  $20

20 lb organic diced Almonds $300

5 lb Organic raisins $20

30 lb Organic raisins $101

1 lb organic baking powder $18.75

1 lb organic Dutch Cocao powder $19.50

1 lb Organic CEYLON powdered Cinnamon $25

1 lb Organic ground Cinnamon $8.25

1 lb organic Allspice $24

5 lb organic Quick Oats $24

5lb organic rolled Old Fashioned Oats $18

25 lb Gluten Free  rolled Oats $88

5 lb. Organic Raw shelled sunflower seeds $25

16 oz. organic sunflower seeds $6 –

1 lb organic Flax seed $7.50

Kalona Supernatural Organic milk $12/gal (4 min on order) $7 for 1/2 gal (6 min on order)


20 lb Organic Quinoa Flour $77

27 oz. Organic Quinoa Flour $13

16 oz. Raw Organic Coconut Flour $5.50

25 lb Organic Coconut Flour $125

10 lb organic brown rice Tinkyada pasta (spiral or penne) $48.25

**There are thousands of products available, so let us know exactly what you are looking for! prices are subject to change and we get up to 20% discount depending on order volume, so put your requests in so we can lower the price for everyone!! Orders go in once or twice a month, so check on next delivery date! Please pre-pay for your items, as all of our deliveries are Cash On Delivery terms.

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