Local Grassfed Beef

We are thrilled to offer you custom cuts of local grassfed beef from KD Creek Beef in Grand Ridge, IL. Kate and Dave Gretencord are Holly’s life-long neighbors who’ve transitioned their ranching practice to grassfed herd. It is exciting to be supporting a local family and creating a true cooperative effort to have wins across the board!

When we order frozen beef from United Natural Foods, the retail price is at $10.89/lb.  Our most trusted supplier who direct ships and sells only meat is up to $11.25/lb. for organic grassfed ground beeff. By the way, there is only a 3% markup in the commercial food industry! So by arranging this agreement with our neighbors, we get to deliver you beef at $8.50/lb and create a win-win situation where the profit is staying in our neighborhood and going back into developing our community outreach for living a wholesome preventative health lifestyle.

Pricing will vary per cut and we will get details up on this page soon, so check back often. This will be a seasonal offering since WE DO NOT HAVE STORAGE, so you will not be able to walk into our store and grab some beef out of the freezer! So get your freezer cleaned out and decide what cuts you need to get through the winter. We will most certainly be ordering some thick cut steaks and robust rib roasts along with the ground beef, ox tail and beef liver.

Please have your orders to us by NOVEMBER 15th.



SEASONAL ONLY!! Reserve your grassfed beef roast and steak cuts now for November delivery!

SEASONAL ONLY!! Reserve your grassfed beef roast and steak cuts now for December 15th delivery!

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