Pomegranate 101

When we first saw pomegranate in the box menu, we got excited that this superfood would be enjoyed fresh instead of in some super food juice from the grocery store. However, once we got a grip and sliced it in half, it was another story!  Many of you might be asking the same question!

What the heck do I do with this pomegranate?!

pomegranate at grateful plains organics

Pomegranate, one of nature’s superfoods is actually quite easy to enjoy fresh!

For starters, keep the process simple by following these easy instructions for seeding a pomegranate

Next, remind yourself that these are quite tart and make a very neat garnish to sweet desserts, exotic pizza (like our fave gargonzola & pear gluten free pizza!) or float them in an ice tray to create some tasty cubes for some zesty holiday drinks!

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