Two Down, More to Grow!


I am giddy with excitement at the response to our organic produce box pickup program. A month ago, I never would have imagined fifty families coming out to Grand Ridge each Friday to get excited about their grocery shopping for the week!

Special Thanks to each of you who participated in our ADVANCE PURCHASE LAUNCH special of $100 for 5 small boxes. This will be the last week we offer this special pricing, so buy as many increments of $100 as you like!

We count on you to keep growing our outreach, so we will honor a $3 OFF your box and your friend’s box for every referral you send to our program. It is our way of paying it forward to extend savings to your wallet and to inspire as many families as possible to get healthy by eating organic produce!

Our goal this week it so increase to 100 orders, so send your friends and family to the shopping cart and get to saving on your own order and on theirs!

Happy Eating! ~holly

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