Paying It Forward

As we’ve mentioned in passing the first few weeks of our delivery, we have established a pretty neat aspect of our box program called ‘The Pending Box’. Each week, when you pickup  your box, feel free to contribute a buck or two to the pending box. Our objective with this program is to purchase an extra box any week that we have an area family in need of fresh organic produce for the week. If you know of a family in need, please bring it to our attention so that we can set the wheels in motion to provide.

Grateful Plains Produce Box

Our first box went out to the Galvez family in Wedron whose father is in remission from brain cancer. It is the perfect debut for our Pending Box program, since the family is already well educated about the benefits of organics and passionate about whole body health recovery. Thank you to Melissa Ruvalcaba for introducing us to this area family to launch our philanthropy to pay it forward.

If you, or a family you know, has a suggestion for a home to receive a pending box, please send us an email to To order a box for the pending box project, simply fill out an order form with PENDING BOX as first and last name.  As usual, you can mark ‘phone order’ and pay cash when you come in on Friday, or simply contribute your change to the donation can while you are in the shop!

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