Friday, October 18th | Menu & Order Placement!

Our weekly menu will be posted each Sunday night to announce what is coming in the boxes on Friday. As with any perishable item that is guaranteed goodness, the menu is subject to change

Click here to view the CURRENT MENU


We have updated our shopping cart to include Paypal payment if that is easier for you. We appreciate all the people who have paid with cash in the first two weeks of the program to get us up and started. From here forward, boxes are $25 for small and $47 for large. However, we will include a $3 discount on your box and on their box when you refer a friend.  This will be our last week to honor ADVANCE PAYMENT LAUNCH SPECIAL of 5 small boxes for $100. You can buy as many increments of $100 as you like, but this is a ONE-TIME OFFER to get us up and going to establish our accounts as a new business. So if you want to take advantage of this offer, send us an email right away to with your request, or simply cash-in on the Advance Pay Launch Special by paying $100 when you come Friday and we will add 5 small boxes to your account!

  • To place your order now visit our online shopping site by  CLICKING HERE.

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