$3 OFF Referral Program

Thank you to everyone who participated in our initial launch cash discount. It helps us establish our nominal upfront capital to keep the boxes coming in!!

From this point forward, we will offer $3 OFF your box (and your friend’s first box!) when you refer our box program to someone you know AND THEY PAY FOR THEIR FIRST ORDER THE SAME WEEK. When you place your order, simply choose ‘REFERRAL DISCOUNT” in options tab of the shopping cart. When you pick up your order, let us know who you referred that is picking up, too, and we will be sure you both get $3 off your box!

If more than one of your friends picks up the same week, please allow us to distribute your $3 OFF over the coming week(s) –in other words, we can bank your referral discounts if more than one of your friends starts up in the same week.

Thank you for helping us build our reach way beyond our little circle– So grateful for such an amazing community of like-minded people interested in organics!

Grateful Plains Organics Referral Discount

You can earn $3 OFF your box each time a friend buys their initial box!

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