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Hello everyone! Welcome to the second season of operating as Grateful Plains. Here, you are offered fresh, organic produce each week in conjunction with the Dirt and Duty Community Market Garden in Grand Ridge, IL as well as playshops from Master Gardeners, buying club privileges through United Natural Foods and much more.  To get the Grateful Plains updates via EMAIL, Sign up Here.

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For those of you new to the area or a bit isolated, Grand Ridge is located just 7 miles south of Ottawa right on IL-23 and if you blink, you might miss it! The goal of Grateful Plains Cooperative is to fulfill demand for preventative health through organic, local food production. Organic CSA Produce box pickup is each Friday at 190 w. Main Street, Grand Ridge IL 61325 where we already have a seasonal farmstand and a year-round education. Produce pick up is Fridays noon to 6pm when orders meet the 20 box minimum.

In our email news updates, you will receive an email announcing the next available box menu as well as any program offerings and updates. The Goodness Greeness box program is a hybrid between a traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and other area weekly organic produce pickups. The advantage of this box program is that there is no requirement to commit to a full season as a CSA ‘member’ such as that required when buying directly from our local farm. Just like other area programs, you can purchase your box week to week and decide all the way up until Wednesday whether you’d like to receive a box on Friday. This preset menu eliminates the ‘first come, first serve’ disappointment of some area programs where there are several options per category that often run out before you are able to pick up your box. With the Box Program, there is no gamble that what was listed on our website might not be what is actually available when you show up on Friday, since the box menu is preset each week. **BUT OF COURSE!! The cooperative may often have additional staple items such as apples, bananas, potatoes, onions available to purchase in addition to the box selection each week**

RESERVE YOUR FIRST BOX NOW by clicking here. On this page, you will find the choices available for size and variety of CSA box you want (small or large, veggie/fruit/combo) along with available add-ons such as local low-pasteurized milk, butter, organic bread, grassfed beef, and organically raised chicken and pork. Currently, there is no payment through the website. Your order will show ‘phone order’ and we will get your reservation via email. You can bring cash when you pick up on Friday.

NOTE:: We deliver boxes each Friday as long as there are 20 box order requests.  We welcome your feedback, suggestions, queries directly to

ATTENTION MEAT LOVERS! If you are interested in our DECEMBER order for grassfed organic local beef, let me know by NOV 30th, 2014. Send your name, phone and how much of the cow you want to buy!! There are is 1/2 the cow available as of NOV 13th.

We are thrilled to be embarking on this journey of creating a reliable source in our Community for organic produce and locally grown veggies, herbs, fruit and pasture-raised, organically fed livestock. We are so grateful for your support and look forward to seeing each of your smiling faces real soon!

For now, keep in touch with us about your interest and needs so that we can design a program that best serves our community needs.  To reach us by phone, please call the cooperative at 815-249-5134

Holly Hughes
your local grower and Organic CSA Box Program organizer

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